solid carbon out of thin air

We transform CO2 emissions into advanced carbon material, turning a problematic gas into solid solutions.



SkyNano’s technology relies on the chemical capture of CO2 plus electrochemical conversion. Using only CO2 emissions and electricity as inputs, our process outputs solid carbon and gaseous oxygen.



We’re able to offer a permanent storage solution for this CO2 in the form of solid carbon nanomaterials, including advanced carbon structures. These materials provide excellent performance improvements in everyday consumer goods such as faster-charging batteries, tires that last longer and use less fuel, and multi-functional coatings.

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We’re catalyzing new heights in the new carbon economy with a solution that acts as carbon capture, conversion and storage all at once. We source CO2 from dilute industrial waste streams and transform it into solid carbon materials such as carbon nanotubes that can be used in batteries, cars, coatings, composites, and more. As the effects of climate change increase, we need solutions that tackle many aspects of the problem at once, and we are rising to meet that challenge.
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The solid carbon we produce from CO2 offers permanent carbon storage

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Despite the mighty challenge to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, we are united by hope.

We believe it’s possible to decarbonize heavy industry while simultaneously improving the performance of everyday consumer goods.

Activated by a targeted mission, we’re applying SkyNano’s novel technology to accomplish just that. SkyNano prides itself on being an inclusive, practical, and honest company with a commitment to excellence and intellectual integrity. If this aligns with your values, and you’re passionate about working in the field of sustainability and fighting climate change alongside us, please see our open positions or reach out to us directly.

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