SkyNano expands team with the addition of Alyssa Cannistraci

Alyssa Cannistraci

Cannistraci joins SkyNano’s team as demand for scalable carbon nanotube production increases

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — SkyNano, developer behind the first-ever capture and production of carbon nanomaterials from power plant flue-gas, has added Alyssa Cannistraci as a laboratory technician. Cannistraci brings a wealth of skills and experience to SkyNano as they scale up carbon nanotube production.

“Our team has made great strides in illuminating the capabilities of our technology and we’ve entered a growth stage where Alyssa will help execute the expansion of our carbon nanotube production,” said Anna Douglas, Co-Founder and CEO of SkyNano Technologies. “Alyssa’s impressive background and sustainability initiatives will lead us to innovations in our processes and production that our customers seek.”

Cannistraci joins the SkyNano team as a laboratory technician, having previous experience working in atmospheric science. Prior to taking on this role, she worked for the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network evaluating K-16 educational resources for their scientific integrity, pedagogy and ease of use. Cannistraci also holds an extensive background in atmospheric science research and data collection. Her inclination to apply her expertise in atmospheric science towards helping mitigate climate effects led Cannistraci to SkyNano.

Her goal is to commercialize technology that enables decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors in a free-market solution. Her new role will be assisting the SkyNano team with experimental preparation, execution, materials processing, characterization, and data analysis. She will be directly responsible for the operation of CNT growth systems that SkyNano utilizes to supply material samples to early customers.

Cannistraci began employment with SkyNano as its demand for carbon nanotube production rapidly increased. Recently, SkyNano was awarded nearly $1 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II grant to lead current research efforts for the development of a scalable carbon nanotube production process. The undeniable success of its electrochemical technique and technology continues to maximize SkyNano’s role in sustainability markets. SkyNano expects to see massive growth and success as U.S. companies take action to meet 2050 decarbonization goals.

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About SkyNano Technologies

SkyNano is a science-based technology company focused on commercializing a free-market solution to carbon pollution. It specifically develops a novel electrochemical manufacturing technology for the capture and conversion of CO2 from various sources (atmospheric, concentrated, flue gas) into valuable carbon-based materials such as carbon nanotubes. SkyNano’s technology has been featured in many peer-review scientific papers, received recognition from a 2020 R&D 100 award, and was recognized with a Forbes 30 Under 30 award to our Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Anna Douglas. In fact, both SkyNano founders are Forbes 30 Under 30 innovators, as Prof. Cary Pint was awarded the recognition in the inaugural year of the awards.